Kara Releases “Time Grasp” EP

This month marked the release of Kara’s first studio EP, “Time Grasp”. It’s an upbeat and fun result of enjoyable songwriting that has been festering for years since Kara was in High School. With fun and poppy rhythms, catchy riffs and low, flirting vocals the album drives forward and leaves the listener smiling. Along with Max Brawer on bass, Jimmy Sullivan on Lead Guitar and Thomas Stratton engineering and offering his many talents as a musician, Kara was devoted to the tracks throughout the summer and into the fall. They were then mastered by Alan Douches who has credits with greats like Sufjan Stevens and Ben Folds just to name a couple.

“Time Grasp” is now available for digital download at karaalimusic.bandcamp.com

Peace.Love.Music =)